RENÉ T. Photography

Kampaania- ja reklaamfoto

Commercials and Magazine covers created by Rene Türk - Lumiere Studio


Lifestyle images for MEIJS.CH

August 2018. Location Zürich.

Client: vSpa wellness & spa

Commercials and presentation images 2017/2018/2019

Client: ORCA Swimming Club

Campigne images for 2018/2019 season.

March 2018 Location Tallinn, Estonia

Kvartal Magazine

Cover image 2018 autumn


Kvartal Magazine 

Cover image 2018 spring


Kvartal Magazine 

Cover image 2017 autumn


Client: Sandes Garn - Woolmint

Campigne images for 2017

March 2017 Location Tallinn, Estonia

Client: BMW publication

BMW experience X6

March 2018 Estonia 

Client: Kvartal Magazine

Fashion series for Spring 2018

Client: Kvartal Magazine

Fashion series for Spring 2018

Cover story for NTB Magazine, Summer 2018

Mr. Jacob de Haan - the composer

Cover story for Baltic Business Spring Issue 2018

Mr. Mike Gault - CEO

For Kvartal Magazine 2018

Mr. Rasmus Mägi - athlete

For personal use

Mr. Veiko Mahlakas - CEO

Client: JOYCE Restaurant

Commercial images 2017/2018

Client: vSPA Hotel

Commercial images for 2017/18

Client: Roy Strider EcoFarm

Commercial images for wool products 2015

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